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Extended Warranty

Extended protection plans for Mobile, TVs, laptops, tablets, home appliances, and more.

Protect your products with confidence.

Saves you money

No service fees* or additional costs to repair or replace your products if the unexpected happens.

Fast, convenient repairs

24/7 online support and fast service.

Simple plan management

Manage all of your plans and file a claim easily online.

Extended warranty is an insurance product for electronic devices (phones, laptops). The full name is Phone Extension Warranty Coverage. The product was first brought to Vietnam and deployed exclusively in Vienthonga in 2008 by a member of Global Safe Corporation. At this time the product is insured by Chartis (AIG Property Casualty Inc). In 2012 Global Safe “Order” AAA insurance developed this extended warranty coverage product for more devices such as electronics, motorcycles, cars. Also in 2012 Global Safe, exclusive rights to deploy insurance products extended to retailers such as Viettel Store, Nguyen Kim, Computer BKC, Hnammobile, Phuong Tung mobile

Choose the leader in extended warranties for all of the important products in your life.

It’s more than cell phone insurance, it is peace of mind.

Mobile & Tablet

Whether for work or for play, your computer needs to run smoothly.


Keep your refrigerator, washer, dryer, and other appliances running.

Home Appliances

Don’t face a long road trip with the kids without it. Know you’re covered.


Extended service plans for these products and many more. Ask for a warranty policy from Globalsafe the next time you buy a TV, laptop, tablet, portable electronic or appliance. Available at major retailers.

See more facts

Understand the importance of warranty coverage for your product.

It makes good financial sense

The unexpected costs to diagnose, repair or replace your products can be high. Our protection plans can save you money should the need arise.

Products don’t last forever

Even the newest smart and efficient technologies are vulnerable to breakdowns, normal wear and tear, and failures.

Manufacturer warranties aren’t always enough

Typical manufacturer warranties don’t cover some of the common problems customers face and last only a limited time.