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Financial Services Third Party Administrator

Optimising client and policy administration

Financial Services TPA was tailored for third party administration companies that offer client and policy administration services to financial services product providers, including HR and direct sales.

Helping people access to finance from banks and credit institutions is a priority for the government. The goal is to expand the financial services delivery channel that provides the poor, with comprehensive credit growth. This is also the solution to reduce illegal black credit.

We provide a nationally available sales system capable of issuing credit cards, loan consultancy, technology for collection, payment and customer development.

Explore our Third Party Administrator solution

An end-to-end digitally enabled platform for administration of life, pension and investment open and closed book portfolios

  • Multi-company, multi-portfolio, individual and group products, new business and heritage
  • Real-time management dashboards - Fund and Trustee reporting
  • Digital self-service suite - Customer and adviser portals
  • Personalised Engagement - Communications management tools
  • Administration management - Automated, best practice processing
  • Operations workbenches - Flexible operational service management
  • Support all new and old world products on a single platform sharing common utility implementation.
  • Comprehensive suite of configurable enterprise and industry interfaces
  • An integral data migration suite that streamlines the take-on of data and offers the flexibility to import full transaction histories or rolled-up summary information as required
  • Powerful configuration tools that enable you to support your product provider clients in launching new propositions
  • Efficient and compliant support for individual and group DC and DB pensions, ISAs, GIA, bonds, life savings, annuities and protection.
  • Each portfolio is maintained separately with secure segregation of data and specific configuration for products and servicing.
  • Tailored service model for each of your product provider customers, whilst achieving scale efficiencies from a common utility implementation.

Why choose Financial Services Third Party Administrators?

  • Reduce business operation costs
  • Improve service standards
  • Personalising propositions
  • Support clients′ old and new world products
  • Enable clients to launch new products rapidly and at a lower cost