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About Us

Together with us, you contribute to a better society

Welcome to Global Safe!

We Are Creative Agency

Company story

In 2012, Global Safe was informed by members of Vienthonga, Pier Insurance (England), and Chartis (USA). With extensive experience in retail solutions for financial and insurance products and the advantage of IT systems that can meet the most stringent requirements of insurers, retail chains as well as banks. We step by step expand our offering of support services to insurers, finance companies, and retailers.

In 2018 Global Safe JSC changed its name to Global Safe Corporation, raising chartered capital from VND 2 billion to VND 50 billion. In 2018, Global Safe Corporation expanded its operations to real estate management and supply system services for consumer products.


Sales Solutions was created to maximize the market opportunity left untapped by other agencies that weren’t delivering on their inside sales promises. A lot of agencies do what we do. They share the same what and why, but our clients work with us for our who, and most importantly our how.

The potential of insurance and financial products in the Vietnamese market is enormous, but the approach is still small, and it is also a barrier for customers.

Hung Phan

ceo, Globalsafe

Why us?

We deliver better results without the cost or risk of doing it yourself. As experts in the field, we have all the tools necessary to dominate the complicated business of sales and marketing, with a constant focus on evolution in the industry. Why give yourself the headache of reinventing the wheel and trying to stay ahead of the game when you could be a focus on driving significant improvements in your core business?


As a boutique agency, we don’t force cookie-cutter models on your unique challenges, nor do we allow you to walk into the same inside sales mistakes we’ve seen for years. We sit down with you to hear your voice and opinions. We discern your current sales and marketing arrangements, then share our years of experience running many successful programs before creating your robust, fully-customized campaign.

We help make your world become simpler and safer.

We offer a totally new way of insurance & Financial

Our Purpose

We help make your world a safer place. Our Purpose describes why we exist as a company, and guides us in the decisions we make, the actions we take, and the customer experiences we create.

Our Vision

To create Asia Pacific’s most loved, most inventive and most successful services. Our Vision describes what we aspire to create as a company, and helps to link our Purpose and strategy.

Our Spirit

The spirit in which we serve our customers, partners, communities, shareholders and each other is closer, braver, faster. What we stand for and what makes us unique.

Most popular services

Closing the gap between what you expect and what’s delivered.


From day one, our goals are tied to yours because of our pay-for-performance model. By aligning our goals to yours we provide you with seamless integration.


Experience over 10 years of retail insurance and financial products. We have solutions to ensure good revenue growth.


With our pay-for-performance model, results are a must! Our highly-trained staff is dedicated to achieving results. You′re outsourcing the risk to us!


As our valued client, you have 24-7 access to track your campaign′s performance. Through the use of our Secure Customer Portal. View or download results instantly.