Users of the Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6 + are given exclusive coverage from Samsung

– The Galaxy A6 / A6 + is considered to be the perfect shade of mid-range products from Samsung, the Galaxy A6 / A6 + promises to create the feat that the other mid-range Galaxy has done in the past year.
– In addition to the value of the gift when ordering, customers will be more comfortable to use when accompanied by an insurance package from Samsung.
* Detailed Brochure Details as follows:
1. Privilege insurance:
Give accidental accident insurance package for Galaxy A6, A6 + and Genuine
Activate the premium package on the Galaxy Gift Application from May 26, 2018, to the end of the day
30/06/2018 across the country.
2. Insurance effect:
– The package is valid as soon as it is activated through the Galaxy Gift application and there
Duration of 183 days from activation.
– The insurance package can be terminated before the 183 days when the customer has used up the limit
Maximum compensation of equipment. The maximum compensation for equipment is equal to the original purchase value
of the machine (A6 6,990,000 VND, A6 + 8,990,000 VND).
3. Insurance Cases:
– In case of telephone repair:
+ In the case of phone damage due to an accidental accident caused to be insured,
Customers only need to pay 50% of telephone repair costs (including 10% VAT) for each repair
– Where to replace the new phone:
+ In the case of phone damage is severe and can not be repaired, or repair costs exceed
The new replacement cost, customers only need to pay 50% of the original value of the new phone (already
Including VAT) to be replaced new phone – (Initial purchase value of the machine: A6 6,990,000
VND; A6 + 8,990,000 VND).

[All repairs, replacements will be charged and paid at Samsung Service Center – where
receiving a damaged machine and handover machine].
4. Coverage:
– An accidental accident insurance program is only available in the hospital
Vietnamese territory.
– The coverage for the damage to the phone, caused by unforeseen accidents
includes, but is not limited to the following:
+ The phone dropped to the ground
+ Malicious phone calls
+ Stomach to drop the phone
+ Not covered by Exclusion Insurance *
5. Guide the insurance process:
– When the failure occurs, customers contact the Center for Insurance Services through
Hotline (section 6) to receive instructions from the center and take the phone to the Security Center
the nearest Samsung.
6. Hotline:
– Samsung Hotline (free 24/7): 1800.588.855
– Hotline Insurance: 1900 6055
– Galaxy Gift Hotline: 0961.807.052 (from 8h00 to 18h00).

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