In September, FPT Shop launched the first compulsory motorbike insurance program at more than 500 stores nationwide. Now you can easily own the right package at a reasonable cost and absolute reliability.

Compulsory Motorcycle – Motor Vehicle Insurance is a type of third party insurance in the event of an accident that damages the material of the vehicle, the goods carried in the vehicle, the occupants of the vehicle. This means that if the owner of the vehicle has purchased compulsory civil liability insurance, the insurer will be liable to pay compensation to the person and property in case of an accident insurance. Customers are still protected in case they choose to register additional voluntary insurance for people sitting on the car. With many practical benefits, this insurance is mandatory almost in most countries in the world, including Vietnam. This is considered to be the type of paper to carry by the road participant. If not, forget to bring or insurance expired, the participants will be fined from 80,000 to 120,000 VND for motorcycles and from 400,000 to 600,000 VND for cars.

Seeing the huge demand from consumers, this September, FPT Shop sells compulsory civil liability insurance for motorbikes – cars at all stores in the system. Customers across the province can visit the nearest FPT Shop for a thorough consultation and choose to purchase products at the standard listing of the Ministry of Finance: from 86,000 VND (including VAT) for motorcycles and 480,700 VND (including VAT) for cars. To find out more information about products as well as buy online, you can click here.

From today, you can buy compulsory motorbike – car at FPT Shop with reasonable price and high reliability.

What is the difference between motor vehicle insurance at FPT Shop and insurance at 10,000 VND in the street?

Currently, along with the major roads, you will easily encounter many people selling car insurance, motorcycles for only 10,000 VND. So why is insurance more expensive at FPT Shop? What is the difference here?

  • Firstly, 10,000 dong is only the insurance price for one person sitting on a car, not motor vehicle insurance.
  • Secondly, motor vehicle insurance is sold at FPT Shop at the standard price listed by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Third, insurance purchased at the side of the road may be imprinted. In this case, you will not be compensated if you are at risk and still be fined if checked by the functional forces. In contrast, insurance purchased at FPT Shop will be effective immediately after purchase. In addition, if any problem occurs, you can go to FPT Shop or call hotline 19006055 (Global Safe Corp) for timely assistance in case of problems.

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