Insurance coverage broken for Galaxy A8 Star, A6, A6 +, Galaxy J4, J6, J8

The Galaxy A8 Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy A6, Galaxy A6 +, Galaxy J4, Galaxy J6, and Galaxy J8 have launched at attractive prices and new features worth buying. Next to the gift before you buy, you are more secure when the insurance package broke.

1. Privileges insurance

Give accident insurance for phone users:

  • Galaxy J4, Galaxy J6, Galaxy A6, A6 + are sold out and automatically activated the package on the Galaxy gift application before June 30, 2018, across the country.
  • The genuine Galaxy J8 is sold and automatically activated on the Galaxy Gift App from July 10 to August 31, 2018, nationwide.
  • Galaxy A8 Star is sold out and automatically activates the premium package on the Galaxy Gift Application before July 31, 2018, nationwide.

If your smartphone is not activated, details can be found on how to activate the coverage for your Galaxy phone or contact the operator 1900 6055 for support.

2. Insurance effect

  • The coverage is valid when activated via the Galaxy Gift application and has a term of 183 days from the date of activation of the plan.
  • Insurance will be terminated when the customer expires the maximum amount of equipment compensation (Initial purchase value of the machine).

3. Geographical Limitation

The insurance program for accidental unexpected accident occurred in the territory of Vietnam.

4. Deductible rate

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star


For example a broken machine, going to repair insurance 4 million, the customer will pay 2 million, so the value of the insurance package is 9,990,000. In the case of insurance package only 3 million, but repaired 4 million, customers pay only 2 million.

  • Phone repair case:

In case of accidental damage caused by the accident, customers only need to pay 50% of telephone repair costs (including 10% VAT).

  • Where to replace the new phone:

In cases where the phone is damaged and can not be repaired, or the repair cost exceeds the replacement cost, the customer only needs to pay 50% of the original value of the new phone (VAT included). (The initial purchase value of the phone).

Gói bảo hiểm rơi vỡ cho Samsung Galaxy A6 và Galaxy A6+

* Note: All repair and replacement costs will be charged and paid at the Samsung Service Center where the machine is damaged and handled.

5. Insurance coverage

The coverage for damage to the device, caused by unforeseen accidents, includes but is not limited to the following:

  • The phone dropped to the ground.
  • Negligence to impact the phone on hard objects.
  • Stabs fall on the phone.
  • Not covered by Exclusion * (see additional section below).

6. Guide the insurance process

In case of breakdown, contact Samsung Insurance Hotline (24/7 free): 1800 588 855 to receive instructions from the center and take the phone to the center. Latest Samsung Warranty.


Insurance companies are not responsible for:

  1. Natural wear and tear, corrosion, condensation, dust, or change in temperature, bugs are getting heavier or worn out, changing in color or surface.
  2. Thieves/robbers.
  3. Lost for unknown reasons.
  4. The products suffered unexpected damage as follows:
    • Damage caused by misuse.
    • Deliberately causing damage.
    • Unanticipated damage occurs when the product is owned by a third party unless the third party has a blood relation to the buyer of the product, such as a parent, spouse, children, and sibling.
    • Any damage or incidents caused by viruses or malfunction from other software programs.
    • Additional equipment including accidental damage includes, but is not limited to, accessories such as product pouches, battery chargers, wireless headsets.
  5. The insurance product is lost.
  6. Maintenance, repair, adjustment, and periodic activities.
  7. Indirect costs associated with the claim unless specifically stated in the insurance certificate.
  8. Any liability directly or indirectly caused by:
    • Ionizing radiation, radioactive contamination from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste from the burning of nuclear fuel.
    • Radioactive substances, toxic substances or hazardous properties of any nuclear explosive or nuclear components.
  9. Any loss or damage or liability directly or indirectly incurred as a result of a war, terrorism, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military might or appropriation, or naturalization. collector national, or requisition or destruction or damage to property or under the order of any government or local governmental authority.
  10. Any direct damage caused by aircraft waves or overhead or sonic speed.
  11. Products not used in the territory of Vietnam.

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