“Handshake” of AAA Assurance with Globalsafe

“Handshake” of AAA Assurance with Globalsafe

Vietnam has been considered as one of the countries with rapid growth and strong telecommunications infrastructure as well as the market for mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs in Southeast Asia. Business opportunities for development of electronics and telecommunications markets have been proved by strong competition among retailers such as The gioi Di dong, Viettel, Telecom A, VNPT, FPT in order to expand the market share of large… These have been reflected consumer demands and that mobile phones as well as laptops, tablet PCs… have been become an inseparable product of modern life.

At the time consumers realize the importance of “effective tools”, they are ready to give safe solutions to protect these tools. After many customers trust and highly appreciate the “mobile phone insurance”, AAA Assurance continues to release “extended insurance for mobile phone s, laptops, tablet PCs” in order to meet customers’ needs.

However, in order to effectively implement, besides efforts to find customers and expand the market, AAA Assurance has cooperated with Global Safe – A company provides the utility of value-added services for retail units and consumers. According to Mr. Tran Tam Phuc, Deputy CEO of AAA Assurance, from July/  2012, Global Safe officially became a strategic partner authorized distributor of AAA Assurance of this product line.

“The remarkable ability of Global Safe is to prolong manufacturer’s original warranty period from 01 to 02 years for mobile phone and laptop. In addition, we also compensate for devices when encountering an accident or stolen; support for a refund of personal properties and identifications if lost;…”, Director Phan Ngoc Hanh said.

Once again, with such two-in-one cooperation, it would be believed that the customers have peace of mind when using a mobile phone, laptop, tablet PC…

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