Get instant Phone Insurance Broken for customers buy the Galaxy J5 Prime

In the spring days, depending on the pocket of people will choose for themselves some suitable products. Galaxy J5 Prime, a mid-level product that rained last time with the Galaxy J7 Prime also offers special incentives.


Accordingly, customers to buy Galaxy J5 Prime will be owned by Phone Insurance Broken, into the country. As follows:

  1. Products used: Galaxy J5 Prime Genuine (G570)
  2. Period of application: 16/01/2017 – 28/02/2017
  3. The scope of application: SEVT mobile phone retailers in the territory of Vietnam. Activation of the 6060 product warranty applies during the application period.
  4. Details:
    • Customers who purchase products within the program will receive the package. Insurance package falls into the water for the Galaxy J5 Prime phone worth VND4,990,000. Effective one day after the activation of the warranty. The insurance period is 365 days. If the cover covers the problem, customers will only pay 30% of total repair costs Galaxy J5 Prime.
    • Insurance will be terminated when the customer has used up the compensation amount. (Value: VND 4,990,000)
    • Incident insurance plan unexpected accident in the territory of Vietnam
  5. How to join:
    • During the period of application, the dealer / mobile retailer within the scope of the program must message the activation of the warranty when selling Galaxy J5 Prime product to 6060 switchboards to record activation and progress information. The insurance package broke, into the water for the machine was sold.
    • When there is a need to use this package, Galaxy J5 Prime consumer customers can contact the company directly to provide the package as a promotional gift to carry out the related procedures as if. Act on the terms of coverage through the 1900 6055 insurance hotline or contact Samsung’s national warranty centers for guidance.
  6. Conditions for customers to participate in the program:
    • To ensure the insurance benefits for customers, retail stores need to activate warranty 6060 for the Galaxy J5 Prime sold out within the specified time. If not activated, the Galaxy J5 Prime will not be eligible for this plan.
    • Customers participating in the insurance package fall into the water for this phone still enjoy other incentives (if any) from the dealer/retailer that the customer bought the product applied.

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