Customers looking to buy fire insurance increased

On April 8, information from representatives of some insurance companies said that the number of customers inquiring report, the fire insurance price of condominiums increased significantly after the recent apartment fire.

Customers looking to buy fire insurance increased
Customers looking to buy fire insurance increased

Also, regulations on the purchase of compulsory fire and explosion insurance for dwellings, constructions, and properties attached to houses effective from mid-April (Decree No. 23/2018 / ND-CP). For fire insurance is interested “hot.”

However, the premiums for each company are very different, the value of insurance packages are different, so consumers are easily tangled. For example, there are businesses charge based on the number of apartments, but there are companies that “rake,” only on the time of using the apartment (old than, the higher the fee). For example, an insurance company B., the premium rate will be around 0.08% x with the value of the apartment, including the property and material in the house. If the apartment cost 1 billion VND, the annual fee is about 800,000 VND, excluding value-added tax (VAT). In contrast, for another insurance company, belonging to bank B., the package rate includes VAT and “flat” for apartments, irrespective of the area or value of the residence. …. The lowest fee is from 100,000 – 360,000 VND / year. However, the company separates the insurance premiums of material and property in the home, not the same as the insurance company B. The compensation limit ranges from VND 300 million to VND 5 billion for the house and from VND 100 million to VND 1 billion for the home.

At a glance from some insurance companies, the number of “hot” customers interested in fire insurance packages increased significantly, but most of the nature of the list, the insurance premium comparison. In the buyer’s perspective, some people reflect, the premium rate is not too high, suitable for customers, so they are willing to buy to rest assured, hedging. At the same time, companies are also promoting expanded insurance packages in addition to fire, such as robbery, broken or spilled water, rent after the loss … with the increase of only about 100,000 VND / package. , depending on the company, so customers peace of mind to buy.

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