Civil third party liability insurance for motor vehicle

Civil third party liability insurance for motor vehicle is a type of insurance that protects a third party when there is an accident causing damage to the material of the vehicle, goods transported on the vehicle, or passengers on the vehicle. That is, if the car owner buys compulsory accident insurance for another person, the insurance company will be responsible for compensating the person and property in the accident. Customers are still protected in case they choose to add voluntary insurance for occupants. The level of claim is usually as follows:

  1. Civil third party liability insurance for motor vehicle:
    About people: maximum VND 100 million / person / case.
    Regarding assets: up to VND 50 million / case.
  2. Insurance for driver’s accident and car passenger: The liability is 10 million VND / person / case.
    With many practical benefits, this type of insurance is compulsory in almost every country in the world, including Vietnam. This is considered a must-carry document of road users. If not, it will be fined from 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND.

Global Safe is a provider of life and non-life insurance products, including Civil third party liability insurance for motor vehicle. Different from traditional implementation is manual and Customers almost have no formal method of checking the validity of insurance or whether the product is “real” or not. Global Safe is deployed based on the information technology platform so that customers will receive a message confirming successful insurance registration after purchasing the product, not only that, customers also check their insurance validity by message Text message through the syntax: BH [license plate] to 8100.

Global Safe sells directly through the network of direct employees and through retail systems such as FPTShop, Thien Hoa Electronics, Payoo, mobifone …

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