Apartment management is not easy!

The condominium market is booming, with buildings and urban areas mushrooming but managing to contribute to a civilized environment in which residents are satisfied with their investment choices. It not a small challenge.

On the surface, management is as simple as manual work, such as reception, security, and hygiene. But deep penetration, this is a challenging field, each type of apartment has different process management and service requirements. In particular, in a market where newcomers begin to get used to living in high-living urban areas and accepting management fees as in Vietnam, the complexity of process management.

Just a small urgent need of residents, such as electric bulbs burned or water pipes clogged but not technically supported by technicians, could quickly become “fire spots” that triggered other disputes. The lack of management expertise is one of the most common causes of property disputes in condominiums, ranging from collective ownership disputes – up to management fees. Having the project neglected the management, resulting in confusion, unhygienic hygiene, degraded equipment and real estate values also reduced.

Managing the apartment is hard as “Wives of hundreds of homes.”

Managing each building or city is as complicated as maintaining a small town, from simple as garbage collection, to more complex tasks such as ensuring information systems, … are connected throughout and continuously, …, in which technical infrastructure system requires different operating skills, maintenance, and maintenance. Human resource management system also involves ability; the experience is incredibly diverse. The needs of the residents are varied – to satisfy as hard as “Wives of hundreds of homes.”

Therefore, the management and operation of urban projects, apartment buildings increasingly demanding, and professional. The higher the level, the more challenging the management activity is.

Apartment management is not easy! - Global Safe Corp
Apartment management is not easy! – Global Safe Corp

In order to operate the project, the owner can set up a management board or hire an outside apartment management company. The big investors such as Vingroup, Phu My Hung and Ciputra have managed and operated successfully large projects. Meanwhile, some others choose foreign management companies like Savills or CBRE to operate according to international standards. More recently, some condominium companies have rapidly absorbed foreign processes and have managed large projects, even winning contracts for the management of water projects. In addition to building like Mulberry Lane and Park City.

“But whether it’s self-management or outsourcing, whether it’s a local company or a foreign management company, the key to real estate management is human management,” says one manager. Big Asset Management Company.

According to the director, real estate management is to ensure the provision of the best living and working space for residents and to add value to the real estate that residents live in. In the context of the seemingly limitless demand for quality human services, being able to bring satisfaction to the residents is the greatest challenge for every manager. In addition, real estate management is the management and coordination of a range of service delivery components, from security, cleaning, maintenance, reception … to jobs that are lacking in human resources. and maintenance is highly qualified, as well as lack of teamwork skills.

Some real estate firms have a long-term investment strategy that is more and more focused on apartment mangement, because the satisfaction of the residents not only contributes to the increase in real estate value but also enhances the brand name. investor. Therefore, in addition to investing in planning, design, and construction, these companies also invest heavily in management, especially in finding good management staff to ensure The project always operates in the best condition and brings satisfaction to the residents.

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